Guinness Cupcakes with Baileys Buttercream

This is my contribution to St. Patrick’s Day. The Guinness, chocolaty cupcakes are perfect, light in texture, very moist, dark and decadent and the Baileys frosting packs a punch….a very yummy punch….maybe too yummy and eating a few of these cupcakes might have you singing jolly songs to the top of your voice and you […]

Battenberg Cake

This cake is much easier to make than it looks and is well worth the (little) effort. It looks so pretty, tastes gorgeous and is perfect to serve with your afternoon tea. I am not a huge fan of marzipan so for this cake I used sugarpaste instead of the marzipan. I also made it […]

Chocolate Victoria Sponge

  A little twist to the traditional Victoria Sponge. Not too rich, not too dark, just a hint of chocolate and this might become a favourite in the house 🙂 Filled with homemade strawberry jam and Chantilly cream, a light dusting of icing sugar and there you go, a perfect cake for that lazy afternoon […]

Carrot Cake

This is my Go-To-Recipe. The cake I make all year through, for any occasion and it never, never disappoints. I am sure you will add this bake to your Favourites too 😉 Makes: 1 Big cake (23cm) Pre-heat oven: 180˚C Ingredients for Cake: 200ml Oil 310ml Light Brown Sugar 375ml All Purpose Flour 7ml Baking […]

Lemon and Poppy Seed Squares (Traybake)

This is one of those bakes that you make to impress new friends and colleagues! Whenever and wherever I serve this lemony bites, I get at least 5 requests for the recipe. Take my word, you will be flooded with compliments if this bake is on your dessert table.   Serves: 16-20 Squares Pre-heat oven […]

Rolo Cookies

  I have been thinking and thinking AND thinking about this one and then decided….Why Not!! And tatdaaaaaaa, it worked and these cookies are delicious. Very easy to make and it has become a weekly bake in our home now 🙂 Makes: +- 25 Cookies Ingredients: 2 tubes of Rolo (2x52g) – Must be refrigerated […]

Oat Squares

This takes me straight back into my Granny’s kitchen. She loved to makes these…..and we loved to eat it!!! Have not made the Oat Squares for many many years but today me and Allegra had a little playtime spare and this was the perfect bite to bake in the time we had. Slightly crunchy on […]